Water Heater

Covenant Plumbing can repair or replace your home or business’ water heater in a timely, professional manner. We come to your location and evaluate your situation to determine whether your heater needs a simple repair or if it is time to replace it.

We are qualified and certified to handle various types of water heaters, offering you the best products and services for your end use. We are certified to handle electric and gas-powered tank and tankless water heaters.

If you are interested in switching to a tankless from a tank water heater, we can do that as well. We have plumbers certified to install Rinnai tankless water heaters. More times than not, your water heater needs to be replaced, but we leave no stone unturned just in case there is a chance it can be repaired.   

Do I Need a Water Heater Replacement?

It can sometimes be difficult to know when you should replace your water heater. There are many factors that shorten the lifespan of your water heater, and some are just bound to happen as it ages. The closer your water heater gets to a decade old, the more likely you will have to replace it soon. An obvious sign is your water heater not producing hot water, but also be on the lookout for rust-colored water, even if it is hot. Strange odors and noises are also signs you should get your water heater checked.

Whether it’s a suite of water heaters powering an apartment complex, new construction of an office building needing hot water, or just for the comfort heating of your home’s water supply, Covenant Plumbing has the dedicated team and experience to seamlessly repair or replace you water heater.

Water Heater Replacement Process

  1. Call our office staff at 478-745-7436 to discuss the scope of the project
  2. Schedule the best time that our team can come to your location
  3. Our team will work quickly and diligently to mitigate downtime
  4. We will follow up with you on our level of service and experience with our team

Give us a call at 478-745-7436 and we will come inspect your water heater!