Perry Water Heater Installation

Is your water heater making strange noises? Water heaters generally last 10-15 years, some longer, but often will give you warning signs that they are coming to an end. If your water heater is no longer heating the same or is making loud noises, it may be time to have it repaired or replaced. At Covenant Plumbing, we offer professional Perry water heater installation when it is time for a new water heater.

A.O. Smith and Rheem Water Heaters

If a water heater is having problems and it is close to 10 years old, it rarely is worth repairing. The cost of repair is better invested in a new model – you may repair your old unit just to have it completely die shortly after. A.O. Smith and Rheem are two of the top brands in water heaters. Both companies have manufactured water heaters for many years and offer reliable products.

When choosing a water heater, you will need to decide on the type – gas or electric and tank or tankless – and the model you prefer. The traditional tank offers quick access to hot water, but you can run out if you use more than the tank holds. Tankless models offer endless supplies of hot water, as it is heated as needed, but there are differences in how quickly the hot water is delivered. There are also hybrid water heaters and many features like smart technology to consider when choosing your model. Our plumbers at Covenant Plumbing can help you determine the best brand and model for your home or business.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

If you are looking at tankless water heaters, Rinnai is one of the top brands in these models. Tankless water heaters have the advantage of smaller units that fit easily into any home or apartment, plus they are very energy efficient compared to tank models. Our plumbers at Covenant Plumbing can install your Rinnai tankless water heater at your home in Perry, GA, and also install any new pipes you may need for your new system.

When you need a Perry water heater installation, contact us first at Covenant Plumbing. We offer quality service with a reputation you can trust for all your plumbing needs in Middle Georgia.