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Natural gas is a clean and efficient source of energy for your home. However, a gas line won’t last forever. New gas lines may need to be installed for a variety of reasons, especially when you are repairing, upgrading, remodeling or building. When it comes to new gas line installation, it is critical to choose a qualified professional. The movement and use of natural gas on your property should be set up with superior strategy and knowledge.

Do you know if a new gas line is in order for your home? Here are some common reasons to get a new gas line installed by a Covenant Pluming:

New Construction or Remodeling
If you’re building a new home or adding an addition to your existing home, you may need a new gas line installed to provide gas to your appliances such as water heaters, furnaces, and stoves.
Upgrading to Gas Appliances
If you’re upgrading your appliances to gas-powered ones, you may need a new gas line installed to provide gas to these appliances. Gas appliances are becoming more popular as they are energy efficient and cost-effective.
Leaking or Damaged Gas Line
If you suspect a gas leak or damage to your gas line, it’s essential to get a professional plumber to assess the situation. Gas leaks can be dangerous and require immediate attention. Please follow our steps on what to do if you suspect a gas leak in your Macon home or business.
Moving Appliances
If you’re moving your gas-powered appliances, you may need to have the gas line rerouted to accommodate the new location.
Increasing Gas Capacity
If your current gas line doesn’t provide enough capacity to power all your appliances, you may need a new gas line installed to increase capacity.

If you need a licensed and experienced plumber to assess your gas line situation and provide expert advice, please call our team at Covenant Plumbing. We offer affordable services for plumbing, septic, sewer and gas lines.

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