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A clogged drain is one of the most common plumbing problems. Your drains may be especially slow or clogged after the holidays and extra houseguests you recently had. Regardless of why a clogged drain occurs or where it is in your house, it is important to fix it. But can you fix it on your own the right way?

Not all clogged drains require professional service. However, there are some right and wrong ways to fix a clogged drain if you plan on handling it yourself. In fact, many homeowners make the mistakes that make matters even worse.

When it comes to fixing your clogged drain, follow these rules:

Don’t Overuse Chemical Cleaning Products
Adding too much of a chemical drain cleaner or one that is too strong can corrode your pipes and do more harm than good.
Don’t Use Homemade Tools
You’ve got plenty of objects around the house that look like they’d be able to fix your clogged drain. Try to resist the urge to use these random or homemade tools, as they often break or push the blockage further down.
Don’t Use Professional Tools if You Don’t Know How
Professional tools should be used by professionals, or those that have been trained with the skill and knowledge it takes to use them correctly without further damage.
Don’t Be Too Proud to Call a Professional
In many cases, you are better off calling a plumber for a stubborn drain clog. At Covenant Plumbing, we have professional tools that can quickly dislodge your plumbing clog and restore your drains to their fullest function. Don’t ignore a blocked drain or force your own ideas into the solution, as there is a big risk of causing further damage and incurring more costly repairs.

For blocked drains and clogged toilet services in the Macon area, call Covenant Plumbing.

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