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When you turn the hot water knob on your shower, bath or sink, you expect to get what you asked for. It’s easy to take hot water for granted – until there’s a problem. Your hot water heater is a key component of your plumbing system. It readily delivers ideal water temperature for your showers, dishwashing needs and other tasks throughout the day. In order for you to get the hot water you demand in a timely manner, your hot water heater works tirelessly to have a standing supply of hot water any time you need it. This begs the question – are you taking care of this important plumbing component in your home? Better yet, would you know when it needs to be inspected, repaired or replaced?

Consider Routine Maintenance

All water heaters can benefit from a little “TLC” from a plumbing professional. In fact, the most important step you can take for your water heater is to arrange preventive maintenance. Annual visits by an expert can help you avoid disruptive and costly hot water heater repairs down the road. In addition, regular upkeep can ensure your water heater is operating at the most efficient speed – who doesn’t want a faster delivery of hot water?

Detect the First Sign of Problems and Call a Plumber

It is critical that you know how to detect water heater problems in the first place. Just like many things in your home, the sooner you can get it repaired, the less damage and cost incurred. You may need to call a plumbing specialist if you notice the following:

  • Dropping water temperature (despite low hot water usage)
  • Sudden fluctuations in water temperature
  • Visible leaks or rust around the water heater itself
  • Odd sounds coming from system (gurgling or bubbling)
  • Murky water

Make Sure You’ve Got the Right Water Heater

Water heaters come in all types and models, including newer energy-efficient designs that can drastically cut your monthly bills. However, in addition to cost-savings, you’ll also want to make sure your water heater is safe. A brief inspection from a plumbing expert can ensure your water heater doesn’t have malfunctions or faulty parts that could be a hazard in your home. If you are overwhelmed by the choices in water heaters or if you are concerned your current model needs an upgrade, turn to our team of licensed plumbers at Covenant Plumbing for help.

At Covenant Plumbing, we are equipped and qualified to handle everything your water heater needs, from maintenance and repairs to installations and replacement. If you suspect that your tank is not working the way it should, please call our experts sooner rather than later!

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